Aroniapflanze, melanocarpa "Nero"


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  • 100% natural growing most productive three-year plant variety
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Product Description
The Indians appreciate the healing power of chokeberry, because it promises;
Energy, Youth & Health

Originally native to North America, the black-purple berry health paved the way to Asia and Europe, where it has been cultivated since the 20th century.. The rose family belonging to the chokeberry shrubs are hardy and undemanding thrive in almost any soil. After the leaves sprouting in May the ten-day flowering starts with white umbels. In August, the berries are then ready to harvest. Because of its sour-sweet taste, however, processing occurs on berries and juice often with addition of sugar, honey bzw.süßeren fruits, such as apple and strawberry.

Pharmaceutical & food industry use them as for juices, liqueurs, fruit spreads, tea and sweets, as well as natural-medical food supplement. Your wellness value proves the chokeberry in processing to natural cosmetics. Here it is estimated it especially for its anti-aging potential.
In fact, the aronia berry is namely a vitamin bomb - rich in secondary plant substances that act healthy & invigorating.

So it can exert its positive effect on:

* The total (cell) metabolism (it regulates, regenerates and activated)
* The cardiovascular system (builds up the blood, lowering blood pressure and prevents deposits)
* Nervous system (damage preventive)
* The skin (with sun damage, skin diseases, even cancer-preventing effect)
* The defense / immune system of the organism
* The digestive system (for stomach, liver or biliary disorders helpful)
* Regeneration of bone and muscle tissue (also conducive for growth and development)

Description of the plant
Aronia melanocarpa "Nero"

- Three-year plant
- Best quality
- 4-6 shoots
- Profitable and big fruity
- Popular cultivar
- Only while stocks last
Home: Northern Europe / North America
Appearance: straight upright
Leaves: oval and round serrated
Height: 1.50 to 2.50 m
Spread: from 1.00 to 1.50 m
Use: solitaire, ornamental trees, garden hedge, forage for birds
Harvest: End of August to mid-October (depending on altitude)
Planting time: end of September-mid-December / March to May
Planting distance: 80 cm (hedge) / 150 cm (detached)
Location: sun, semi-shade
Floor: all floors
Leaves: red-brown leaf shoots (May), later green
Fruits: round dark purple edible fruit; up to 20 fruit to a cone,
big fruity than the wild places; sweet and sour
Flowering / time: white Doldenrispe (May)
Hardiness: Hardy to -25 ° C
Utilization: juice, jam, wine
Delivery: (40/60 cm) in a pot

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