Goji leaves 50g, fresh


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  • from May 2015. Available untreated freshly harvested
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Product Description

Freshly harvested goji leaves 50 g, the goji shrub (Lycium chinense, wolfberry)


In some hotels they are a real delicacy.
Goji leaves are more amino acids, Ca, Fe, Zn, Se and crude protein have as the fruit of the Goji plant.
You will be picked only after an order and packed.
Tip: wrapped in a damp cloth and stored in a cool, the leaves stay fresh longer!

- Mixed salads
- Leafy vegetables
- Herb Butter
- Vinegar
- Oil
- Fresh or dried as a tea

Preparation as a tea: 1.2g per cup, leaves blanch briefly that water then pour off. Again with boiling water for 5 min. and allow to cover the cup with foil. The leaves can be eaten.

The leaves of the goji berry, have a wide range of health effects. It mainly contains betaine, carotene, ascorbic acid, linoleic acid, aspartate, glutamate, methionine, taurine, and so on, as all necessary amino acids which are the human body is helpful. It is also rich, Ca, Fe, Zn, Se, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C. Protects the stomach, liver and kidney, tuberculosis holds back, removes constipation, ease insomnia.   The leaves of the Goji plant, the sexuality of the man maintained, it can stimulate the testicles of the man, enough to produce seed, it can prevent impotence and premature ejaculation.   It also protects the skin. When used for long periods of time, it can enhance the immune system and improve the Constitution.

Note: A visit to the doctor can not replace herbs and medicinal plants! Please take prior to consumption to contact a doctor you trust to avoid potential side effects of drugs!
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